Reflective Essay: The Third Arizona

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I chose “The Third Texas Cavalry” because I am very interested in learning about all that was in the Civil War. This article was an extremely interesting read. It held a lot of information about the Civil War and the endurance that the regiment possessed. The Third Texas Cavalry was in service for four years. They endured so much chaos and blood shed but they still endured through it all. I have very little information about the Third Texas Cavalry, but I was aware that they were organized during the Civil War.

Other than the basic information that most people know about the Civil War I do not know much more than that. So I chose to read this article in hopes of enlightening myself on our nation’s history and the struggles that brought us to where we are today. I learned a lot from reading this article; I was unaware at who first created the cavalry and exactly
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It gave me the knowledge that I was looking for about the Third Texas Cavalry and answered any questions that I might have had before reading this article. It gave me everything I needed to know so I was not left with needing to know more because I felt as if I got all the necessary information. I don’t believe anything else could’ve been said to help improve the article. I believe that Douglas Hale said everything that needed to be said about the Third Texas Cavalry while also praising the men for their bravery. I highly recommend reading this article to anyone who is interested in America’s history or to anyone who are especially interested in the Civil War. This was a great piece of literature that is perfect for anybody wanting to know information about United States history or to be specific, the Civil War. For those who prefer Texas history can also enjoy this article because the Third Texas Cavalry members were recruited in north Texas where they were organized in Dallas and started their trail of history in
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