Reflective Essay: The Transition To A Jewish Adult

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Transition to a Jewish Adult "Are you ready?" questioned my mother before I stepped onto the bimah, or the dais, to chant my first torah portion. I have been to many Jewish bat mitzvahs, however, having my own bat mitzvah was a completely different experience. All of this preparation, and the whole day came and left by the blink of an eye. The process leading up to the day was more important than the actual event. This coming of age taught me many things, including responsibility, determination, confidence, time management, and that hard work pays off. Overall, my bat mitzvah was an amazing experience full of preparation and enjoyment, in which many virtues were learned. Numerous preparations allowed me to be ready for this special event. I had an extra long Torah reading and haftarah, which took even more studying than normal. I had to visit my tutor about once a week, and sit through…show more content…
I changed into my black, sequined dress and headed to the cocktail hour venue to take pictures. Eventually, guests started arriving and the joy I had was unfathomable. In the cocktail hour, we had a step-and-repeat photo booth, wax hands, and a variety of hors d'oeuvres. Upon opening the doors to the main ballroom, I could not believe my eyes. Everything was pink, black, and white. In the center of the room, there was a ginormous dance floor and I already knew that this would be the best night of my life. We started out with the horah, where I found myself sitting in a chair eight feet in the air, watching everyone dancing in circles around me. We ate dinner, danced, and enjoyed the video montage. Then, they announced, "Dessert!" All of the young adults, including me, rushed outside to encounter light-up cotton candy, an ice cream sundae station, and a candy bar. They were exquisite! The guests went back to dancing until, unfortunately, the party came to an end. However, there was yet another thing planned for

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