Reflective Essay: The Transition To The Craft Academy

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Through the full length of a person’s life decisions arise, providing opportunities to change the direction which said person is currently traveling. In some cases, the new path is as nice or nicer than the previous one, and so it makes logical sense to turn towards it before progressing forward. While this may be the case on occasions, it is as likely that the newly presented direction is not as welcoming as the one which the person is currently on and so it would be natural for them to choose to avoid it. In either of these examples, the person avoided the least desirable path and took the one which was better suited for them. Sometime, however, that which holds the greatest positive impact on a person is choosing to turn away from the desirable path and follow the other.…show more content…
The transition from high school to college for many can be quite terrifying, however, as a result of the Craft Academy this transition was dampened. Although the switch happens just as quick, there is a support system in place which helped me through it in a way unmatched by the university for incoming freshmen. Looking beyond the transition, the academy provided experience in taking courses tailored for students who are normally about two years older than I am. At many high schools today courses are designed to be easy enough for all students to succeed and to provide only basic information regarding standard academic topics. Courses at a university provide in depth comprehensive information on these topics, they required me to think for myself and develop as an informed individual rather than another cookie cut by the same cutter. If it were not for these experiences, among others, provided to me by the Craft Academy it is unlikely that I would even be eligible for such prestigious awards as the Honors program at Western Kentucky
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