Reflective Essay: The United States Voting System

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The United States Constitution means that I have a voice. It is there to protect my freedom by imposing laws, in the form of objective and clear rules, on government officials. The first three words used in the constitution “We the People” confirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens, it exists to serve us. The right to be free from dictatorship, taxation without representation, and most importantly, voicing one’s opinions and criticism of those in government, without fear of government retribution The Constitution is known to many citizens of the United States of America as the foundation of this country. Growing up just minutes away from the United States and Mexico border and attending Ysleta High School,…show more content…
Another important way that the Constitution applies to me is through the voting system The first four sections of Article I and all of Article II of the constitution are spent laying out whom, how, for how long and to which degree of power someone may be elected into office. Our founding forefathers knew that the election process is of such great importance because it would prevent repeating the same type or tyrannical rule they were escaping from. So many have fought for my right to vote that I feel it is one of my greatest civic duties. I also feel that it is my responsibility to share my conviction to vote by sharing knowledge of its importance. It is also of importance to be active in political forums around the city. Simply going to vote will not fulfill my civic duty. I must be informed about the issues and the candidates that are on the ballot. As evidenced with this past election, many have been complacent and only rise up in voice and not deed when the situation does not go their way. Yet, many did not vote, they did not have a grasp on the candidates or their pasts, nor did they rally behind their chosen candidate with anything more than sharing their choice verbally. The election has also made it evident that society is quick to throw out blanket statements to explain away an issue they do not understand. For example, If you voted for Trump, you are a “racist” or, “If you voted for Hillary, you have no respect for life and condone murder.” It is our responsibility to be sensitive to both sides and attempt to have understanding of opposing

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