Reflective Essay: The Writer's Diet

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The Writer’s Diet Upon carrying out the WritersDiet Test, the results presented a pattern of excessive use of ‘waste words’ that are it, this, that, and there. This is an area that I realize requires a significant improvement as a doctoral-level writer. Although my writing has been significantly improving since writing the My Family Assignment, Dr. Noonan 's recommendations and the result of the WritersDiet Test are useful in point out to the fact that I have to improve on the dependence on many ‘waste word.’ In my previous assignment, I realize that I used this in two consecutive sentences in manner that was not appropriate. “The assertions made by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network support this idea. Therefore, the focus of this narrative puts…” in these two…show more content…
Additionally, my constant need for reading various masterpieces would also allow me follow patterns used by prominent authors with strong writing prowess. By the application of the given approaches, I look forward to having an improved ability to write in a better manner. However, since writing is a learning process, a future challenge could be the inability to improve suddenly as my already established style could require time to improve. Yet, I believe that change also requires constant practice dedication, and commitment, values that I hold dearly. The use of the be-verbs is another area that require improvement. From the WritersDiet Test, I realize a significant use of be-verbs. A particular case is the use of are, been, and was. Although these words play a crucial role in the English language, I came to realize that their usage in academic writing should be appropriate and formal as opposed to their verbal application. With this understanding, I intent to continue practicing on the appropriate means in which to use these verbs
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