Reflective Essay To Wayne County Community College

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.On any given day there will be a group of students working on their associates degrees that have been there long before I started to attend Wayne County Community College. They are a little older than I am, most being around the age of 23. They spend their time playing video games while I stand mind going to class. I consider this group to be friends but I am scared this is what my future will be like if I remain at this institution. I do not want to lose sight of my goals.
Goals that include completing my associates degree then progressing with my bachelors so I can complete my masters. Another objective of mine is to become a round well-rounded person. This institution was created only to be a student 's academic home for a short amount of time. This is good for an order students who only needed college for the credits offered. However, for younger students like myself, there is a need for social fulfillment as well.
Wayne County Community College black student organizations. Besides a small number of sports teams, there is little way to find like-minded individuals. Once like-minded individuals are found they might not be as driven as you are. The lack of student organizations is one way to help students focus on course work even though some still manage to get distracted.
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I have received fifty three credits and I 'm currently in the need of nine more. Three classes which I intend to complete during the summer. This community college does not offer the degree I plan to pursue. While this institution has been a wonderful experience it is a transitional point rather than the end. I hope to finish my bachelor 's degree while gaining new experiences. A four-year university would allow me to do both. Transferring is the most logical course of

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