Reflective Essay: What I Learned At Rutgers University

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When I first arrived at Rutgers University in 2014 as a freshman there was a lot about the school that I did not really know about. I decided it was best to just sign up for as much as I could and find something that I felt the most in tune doing. After looking around I did not find much that intrigued me or drove me intellectually to be my best. Flash-forward one year, I had yet to face any major challenges, more than often found myself slacking-off and lazily going through school. That was the moment I decided I wanted to attempt to conduct research. Walking into Dr. Androulakis’ office, my advisors, I immediately felt challenged. As my advisor he told me that he would push me towards success by challenging me and putting me into a position of difficulty. Sure enough, when I met with Dr, Androulakis and my graduate student advisor and heard about my project for the first time it went over my head. That was when I knew that this project was for me.…show more content…
As a student, I learn the best through experience, applying what I learn rather than just studying it and putting it on paper. Through my research project I have the opportunity to use what I have learned in class and gain a better grasp of the material. The project provides me with the opportunity to not only improve my comprehension of material but also helps to guide my professional goals. After receiving my bachelor’s degree I hope to pursue further research in the field of biotechnology and help to innovate new technologies for the health care industry. My current project has these implications and has given me a chance to explore what I want to do for my career. I hope that my experience with research leads me to a start in my future career and helps me to challenge my

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