Reflective Essay: What I Learned In My Writing

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Over the course of this semester, I have learned a lot of different things about writing in English 101. My writing techniques and methods have improved drastically compared to what they used to be, especially my drafting. But other things like my grammar were at a decent level. I have become so much more efficient at writing than I have ever been in the past. With my current drafting process, I write my entire essay, read what I have written and add a little bit more if something comes to mind.
I came into English, with very poor writing techniques. One of the reasons that probably caused me to not get full grades on essays in school is because my first draft is what I would submit, rather than reviewing and editing it to improve it. Something I take great pride in is my grammar and spelling. Although I sometimes
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It made me realize that there was a flaw in the way I did and submitted my work. I also learned ways to prevent mistakes with my grammar and spelling. First of all there’s the autocorrect feature, but I have also learned it’s extremely useful to keep a dictionary handy as it makes everything easier. But when I was not able to find a dictionary my friend Google always came in to save the day. So whenever I am drafting or writing I usually have a dictionary next to me or I have a Google tab opened up on Google Chrome.
This semester one of the best papers I have probably written was my argumentative paper about why ISIS does not represent Islam. One of the reasons I feel it was my best was because I reviewed in many times, looking for mistakes, and wherever I felt there was too little I added a bit more to prove my point. During my first essay for example, although it was the easiest I changed and edited the least because I still hadn’t learned that not submitting your draft makes it
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