Reflective Essay: What I Learned In My 1A Class

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This semester has been an ongoing challenge for me but has been an enjoyable one and I have not been presented with any impossible tasks. I have never been much of a writer, and during the course of this semester, I 've struggled to meet length requirements on the assigned essays. However, I do understand that not everyone is an excellent writer or even has to enjoy writing to get a good grade in this 1A class. From the start, with the first essay, I pushed myself to do my best and looked to multiple outlets to polish my writing, such as the online tutor, the writing center, the internet and the writer 's handbook. Additionally, I now see where I can make improvements in my writing to become a more refined college level writer and use what I learn here to help me with various degrees of my life outside of the classroom. For this portfolio, I revised the first essay we did in the class, the "Summary and Response" essay. Furthermore, this essay a mere five pages seems like it should have been so easy, but then it was most challenging.…show more content…
During this semester, the peer review sessions have been most helpful, and especially helpful when paired with students who are more knowledgeable than I. Moreover, when going into these peer review sessions, most of the time I had a very rough draft of the assigned essay, but after the session, I knew exactly which steps I needed to take to improve my work. Additionally, when polishing my papers I would turn to the tutor before making the peer review suggested changes, but in retrospect, I now realize that I should make the suggested amendments first and then turn it into a tutor for
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