Reflective Essay: When I Was Placed Into Foster Care

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When I was ten years old I was placed into foster care. I have two biological siblings, a younger brother and an older sister. My siblings and I were in foster care for two years and then we went back to our biological parents. It was hard to go back with them because they had hurt us. I felt that they both were selfish and that we were on our own. My siblings and I were placed back into foster care only after a couple of months of living with our biological parents. The second time we were placed into foster care all three of us were split up. My younger brother went with my grandfather and my sister went with a foster family. I went with one of my friends that I had met at school. I went from having two siblings to
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I have grown as a person not only for myself, but for my younger brother along with my older sister. I was always the one to hold the family together. I wanted to give my younger brother something to look up to and I wanted to give my older sister some motivation. My older sister chose not to go to college, making me the first person to go to college out of our family. This is when I realized that I have grown as a person. I use to be very angry as a consequence I would try to sabotage the good things that were coming my way. However I chose to change the way I looked at what happened. If it was not for this situation I would not be where I am today. I am thankful for the reason that I came from a negative situation and I chose to turn it into a positive outcome. I can relate to many different people because I have experienced the both sides of life. I have been in many different family dynamics. I can relate to the people who have both parents in their life and I can relate to the people who don’t have any parents. This period of my life is where I grew the most. It is the period when I realized I get to choose my outcome. I can choose to be angry for the rest of my life or I can choose to be happy and look at the past

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