Reflective Essay: Where I Live In Fargo, North Dakota

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I have lived in Fargo, North Dakota for almost 18 years now. Until this past summer all the amazing qualities of the city have gone unnoticed to me. Growing up I always complained that there was nothing to do, and I didn’t enjoy the people I was surrounded with. As I have grown and matured I have come to realize that this is not true. I now appreciate the amazing community I come from; there is always something going on, the people in Fargo are incredibly kind, and everyone greatly supports each other. As a child and into my early teen years I often complained of being bored. I claimed that the best thing to do in Fargo was go to the mall where I would walk around window shopping because I didn’t actually have the money to buy anything. I think this thought changed when I was able to drive myself places and found the hidden gems of this unique city. I now spend friday nights going to poetry slams or eating at one of the many locally owned restaurants with my friends. I’ve found that there’s always some kind of event going on, be it live concerts from local bands or a craft show with a plethora of different vendors. Since I have figured this out I rarely complain of there being nothing for me to do. I spent quite a few years of my…show more content…
The community you grow up in plays a large role in someone’s life and I couldn’t be more greatful to grow up in Fargo. I feel that the three qualities of the city that I mentioned mirror three qualities I find in myself. I am always keeping myself busy with various events, I am kind to everyone I meet, and I am very supportive of those close to me. I do not plan on living my entire life in Fargo, but I do plan on bringing these qualities with me wherever life takes me. Fargo will always have a special place in my heart that it may not have had if it’s amazing qualities had continued to go unnoticed to
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