Reflective Essay 'White Supremacy In Standing Rock'

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Reflecting back on my Initial Reflection I wrote at the beginning of Writing 122, one area that I wanted to work on was being able to master all the parts in an enthymemic style essay. After 4 more essays, I believe that I can write a beautiful essay incorporating all parts of an enthymemic style essay. Through this class, I’ve developed my skills in argumentation and learned how to better introduce paragraphs. When writing my next piece, I will try to be more conscious about all the little things that need to be done to really make a good essay. I have a good grip on the basics but mastering the little things will still require some practice. My best piece that I wrote for this class was called “White Supremacy in Standing Rock” and this piece speaks to all those that are willing to listen. I believe that our life experiences and the media that we are exposed to often shapes many of our core values and beliefs and that’s why as a world, humans are so divided. Everyone has their own “formula” for the way things ought to be and that’s part of what I’m addressing in my essay. I speak on the behalf of those in a similar position I’m in; simply a bystander in the issue at Standing Rock. I am expressing my opinion that white supremacy has caused the reroute of the Dakota assess pipeline and that hundreds of years of oppressing Native Americans is the…show more content…
While talking about Native Americans, I try my best to be respectful when dealing with issues that have devastated the Natives for years. I also try to be as assertive and clear as possible when arguing my side of the story and also try to be accurate when addressing my opposing sides story. When constructing a counter argument and rebuttal, I always respect the ideas and views of the opposing side but still try my best to show them that their actions are wrong in the eyes of many others. The only way things are going to get resolved is if we address and talk about

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