Reflective Essay: Why I Joined The Color Guard Team

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During my high school year, I had joined the color guard team. Trying out for and being on the team had taught me a lot about myself and what I expect from myself. I had tried out for the team twice. The first time I tried out I felt nervous, and disappointed. I was nervous since it was my first time trying to achieve a goal I really wanted. However, I was disappointed since I obviously didn’t make the team and didn’t do my absolute best. The second time after making the team I felt like I had accomplished something for the first time in my life and excitement for a new part of my life. During my first year on the team I still felt these same emotions for different reasons. I believed that even though I had made the team I wasn’t preforming to my best ability and when I was trying my hardest it still didn’t feel good enough. During my second year on the team I didn’t feel as excited to being on the team as I was the previous year. It felt more like a chore and that it was taking up time…show more content…
It showed me that I shouldn’t be so reserved and that I needed to let loose sometimes. In order for me do my best I had to learn to let loose and stop being so tense and nervous when I was dancing and spinning the flag. I also showed me the meaning of “tough love.” I always believed that if I did something wrong and someone yelled at me or called me out about it, that that person didn’t like me and only wanted to embarrass me. I also needed to stop being so sensitive and stand up for myself. There was one girl who for some unknown reason didn’t it like and always talked about me. Instead of standing up for myself I would just pretend I didn’t hear her and talk about her to my friends that wasn’t on the team. I realized I should have done something about it but once I talked to my friends I didn’t care anymore. Being on the team gave me the confidence to be myself and step out of my comfort zone so that I would be able to achieve

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