Reflective Essay Writing

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Writing is a way to communicate with the world around you, express yourself, relate facts, influence people, present arguments, connect to people, and participate in conversations. Writing is how we communicate with our world everyday. Some people only communicate through writing and if they don’t rock it then there message will be lost. An effective writer must know who they are writing for in order to reach that audience. A writer must be aware of the rhetorical situation when in order to effectively communicate with an audience. Analyzing past writing experiences such as an essay, an email, and a social media post, shows how each communicated with an audience. All audeinces are different and you need to talk to them differently. I know I talk to my boss different then I talk to my friends for instant. Essay writing is usually formal where email can be formal or informal based on who its to, and social media posts are generally informal. Even the pres sents many informal tweets a day. They all have different purposes, audiences, and rhetorical situations that need to be considered.
First, in my senior year of high school, I had to write a persuasive essay that solved some problem at our school. My purpose was to get the the audience to use my solution at our school and my audience was our school board members. Since their alot older and out of touch than me i had to really think about what to say to them since theyd see me as just some kid who might no know what I was

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