Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Toys

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I had fun with playing toys. There have many toys such as puppets, trains, dinosaur, blocks, play doh, musical instruments, beads, jigsaw puzzles, books and play house set. It is very fun and exciting me. I became not known because too many toys that I can choose. But, I have to choose one. I like to wear costumes and portray his character. I choose the mask. I am in love with power ranger’s mask and I have day dreams to be a superhero. I can save the world. When wearing the mask I feel that I have some power and not playing alone, I asked my friend to hold the sword and fight with her. So enjoyable make everyone there smiling and laughing! Puppets I am the ghost. It is so scary.

I became a superhero
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They are learn about symbol which is hand puppet is a symbol to a real animals. When they saw hand puppet they know it is just a puppet for the animal. They can recognize and know that the real animals is somewhere in the zoo or other places. They can identify characteristic of panda by telling us back. They using hand to make finger’s movement and they have a freedom how to use it. If they continue play with this toy they can make their own story. Hand puppets help children to improve communication and social skills. Hand puppets are an ideal springboard for developing speaking and listening skills. Children often communicate more easily with puppets, giving them confidence to express their ideas and feelings. They can sing about the animals and they can make the sound of the animals. They can show their feeling to the animals and which is the most they love. Furthermore, they can collaborate with their friends to play puppets together. Shy children can become acquainted with others through the roles they take on. Children are free to try on new personalities and take them off again, with a puppet on their hand, broadening their own in the process. Scary animal hand puppets like lions or shy ones such as a panda can help children master uncomfortable feelings. Puppet play provides an opportunity to gain some control over their world by working out fears and frustrations.…show more content…
It can cause a number of cognitive and physical impairments. It is associated with particular difficulties with language and communication (Burgoyne et al, 2012). They are low with fine motor skills and expressive and receptive vocabulary. Besides, they have visual spatial impairment which is spatial relations are important for orienting in the environment - recognizing objects, scenes, language, and for manipulation of objects by hand (Nadkarni, S, & Ashok, 2012). The Down syndrome’s children with range 4-7 years old are most suitable with puppets. The puppets can use as extra helps to them to develop their language and communication. They can use the puppets and make a simple conservation or word such as hello, hi, bye, name and others. They can make simple sentences using puppets such good morning, good night or others. They also can sing nursery rhymes with puppets. If they always do the activities, it will help improve their communication and language skills. Most important to the down syndrome children is how to hold the puppet and while they try to make movement using their finger. It is because they need eye-hand coordination to hold the puppets. Hand puppets are good therapy for them. Besides, it will develop their fine motor skills when they using the finger’s movement. The children social will improve because they are very shy and loving person. Using hand puppets, they
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