Reflective Experience In Counseling

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Reflect upon how you counsel persons with personal, ethical, or spiritual struggles. Twice I have been blessed with the grace of some needed counseling. In both instances, the love of God’s Holy Spirit worked through counseling to bring me through a rough time. The first was when my family was in a true crisis, and the second was when I struggled to turn in Elder materials and was not ordained. When my family was in crisis and deeply need, I was blessed enough to have Bob Mayo as my District Superintendent. His faith in Christ combined with his psychology training to make a way in the desert. We read scripture together, prayed together, talked together, and made plans according to God’s will. My wonderful family was held together through the darkness, and God’s presence in my life was never more evident. That help enabled my discipleship to continue, my family to be renewed, and my call to serve as a pastor to be faithfully practiced. When I struggled to complete the…show more content…
I am not a secular therapist. I am first and foremost a pastor, and that is how I counsel. I counsel with the goal of assisting God’s beloved to become healthy, happy, ethical, fruit-bearing disciples. I watch for the hurting and those in need. I pray with, over, and for everyone in counseling. In the presence of the Holy Spirit, we share scripture together. My experience and personal walk in God’s grace, along with the experience of those I counsel, provide context to interpret the word. Having an understanding of the rich teachings of the church, and a solid education at both a United Methodist college and seminary, add depth and possibility to our time together. Lastly, let me say that I listen. I listen very well. Over time a relationship is built through caring listening and being present with God and the one in need. We use every God-given gift, as we reason our way toward God’s

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