Eucurid University Aca-401 Coursepack Analysis

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1) Introduction
The EUCLID University ACA-401 Coursepack-1 is eighty-three collective pages, which codify a range of instructions, examples, and deliberate references for students to observe key fundamentals of good writing techniques and effective styles. In my first exposure to EUCLID University, this coursepack seems to carefully outline essential elements and frameworks for writing, that are then appropriately applied within the scope of coursework and instructions to be navigated throughout the curriculum. I found the coursepack to be fairly diverse and decided to categorize the highlights of my Response Paper (RP) in concert with the main separate focus areas covered, selecting a specific sampling from each one.
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In particular, once the student identifies a research topic or essay questions perhaps as referenced in the first parts, the next steps in any project is to search the existing literature and write a review, such as this Response Paper. The principal task at this stage involves reviewing the main ideas and research relating to your chosen area of interest. The EUCLID Presentation outlines elements to be mindful of, and perhaps to be wary about as well; particularly, plagiarism. In the coursepack, EUCLID defines plagiarism as “Plagiarism is when the writer uses a source of information without giving credit to the author of that source of information” (EUCLID Writing Papers, n.d., p.9). The presentation goes on to suggest methods to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism by appropriately using citations, references, quotations, and a sensible approach to ensuring that your own creation within the written document is of your own design and original thought. Understanding the impact of plagiarism is such a critical aspect of writing and provides the crucial basis for success of a literature review or essay. Any academic document produced which then forms the construct of one’s academic identity throughout their experience, must be a uniquely…show more content…
EUCLID University’s approach to instruction, reviewing literature, adopting technical procedures, and explicitly embracing the Distance Education and Online Learning platforms are exactly what I was searching for in a doctoral-level program. Several specific focus areas emerged from this coursepack that strike me as main lesson efforts to be mindful of as I progress along my academic development. One is that it can sometimes be suggested that essays and reviews of academic work will lack thoroughness, and perhaps reflect biases of the student or researcher. The systematic tools, references, and explicit procedures used in these instructions makes such occurrences less likely to be problematic, if studied and given adherence. Second, in fields like Diplomacy and International Affairs, which is my specific degree program and focus area, there is a demanding movement towards evidence-based solutions to work those problem sets. The skills employed within this course directly enable successful academic doctoral writing that support those focused efforts in solving these critically important global problems, many of which are shared concerns with EUCLID University. Lastly, educational tools in this coursepack are valuable representations of all critical elements for developing not just skilled writers, but also for
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