Reflective Incident In Nursing Practice

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One of us quickly put on the blood pressure cuff, applied the SPO2 probe and connect the ECG lead to check on her vital sign. I also immediately do the physical checking to check for any bruises or cut. Another staff nurse went to inform the doctor in-charge regarding the incident, where I stayed near Madam Y to comfort and reassured her. I was relief knowing that all the vital sign was normal and she didn’t get any post trauma cut.
Around 1.45PM the next afternoon shift staff arrived. There is this 1 senior staff remind me to inform the sister on call regarding this critical incident which is I realized I forgot to inform the sister on call after the shocking incident.
Before the incident, I worked on my task as usual like any other day.
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As all know, the incidence of patient falls will be the big thing in every health care centre. I also worry if Madam Y experienced any complications, I might not be able to forgive myself. This critical incident made me feel sad and disappointed in myself. After this incident, I started to blame myself for the fall and this affected my nursing practice until the end of my shift. I still being uncomfortable and not confident on that day while performing my nursing skills and felt sad throughout the day. Even until now it still affect my daily routine of nursing care. I became more paranoid to patient and afraid it will occur…show more content…
The incident happened because of lack of attention given to patient. We manage to mobilized her to the chair and reassured her.
We also follow the standard procedure of patient’s fall which is to check on her vital sign and physical for any post trauma injury. The Department of Health Western Australia (2015) listed that checking the potential injury and the vital sign was the Immediate post-fall procedures that all nurses accounted to.
This incident makes me think that I was not aware of the patient’s need. I should expect the risk can happen to patient especially patient who can walk and need to go to the toilet.
After this incident I reflected on my nursing practice and concluded that I need to be more aware to improve my nursing care for a better outcomes of the patients. If the incident like this occur again, I will make sure all the tools that can help patient to call the nurses are working, I will put the bell near patient so they can ring it whenever comes to toileting or before they mobilized to chair to alert the nurse. Next time I should make sure the bed position also will reduce the risk of
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