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Reflective Journal Entry #1 On “Managing Project Communications” "Examine what is said and not who speaks." –Anonymous. Submitted by Name- Imrose Singh Jammu Student id-C0662097 Course code-EPM2074 Unit No-03 Term-II Date of submission-21.09.2015. Professor-Bob Xourafas PURPOSE The actual purpose of this journal is to know the vital role that the communication plays in managing projects.To resolve problems while dealing with projects to bridge the gaps between the different stakeholders. COURSE DELIVERY The course focuses on how the projects can be successful using effective modes of communication.The examples given were more helpful to understand the concept in a better way. SIGNIFICANCE The…show more content…
I have a Telecom shop where I sell mobile accessories, long distance cards, phone covers and all the essential mobile phone stuff. If I talk rudely or do not treat my customers well enough, there’s no point of them coming back in my shop to buy stuff in the future. Consequently if customers doesn’t come to my shop my profit percentage would drop, leaving crisis for my business. Contrary to that, if I talk politely plus ask them about their needs in an effective manner, they’d like the way they were treated, so they’d come back to my shop in future to buy stuff. Moreover they’d tell their friends to buy stuff from my shop if they would be looking for mobile phone stuff. Consequently my profit percentage would rise just depending upon how I treat my customers. That leads us to the importance of communication in the succession of any particular business. The same case applies on behalf of a project manager. If the project manager knows how to communicate effectively, he’d be climbing the ladder of succession. The way project manager communicates with his stakeholders or with his project team, or anyone ie related to project anyhow, affects the project one way or other. A wise project manager would know what to talk, when to talk. He should be aware of all the tools and techniques of effective communication. CHALLENGES As I study and also do part time work to meet my daily living needs,so due to stress I would get distracted in few classes but with the help of my group members and my professor who were very kind enough to help me to be in touch with the subject helped me do all my assignments all by myself.

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