The Intouchables Reflection

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Volunteerism and Community Services is really a unique course when compared to other existing subjects in the school. Unlike only theories are taught in most of the courses, Volunteerism and Community Services is all about the essential skills in our daily lives and the best way to get along with people around us. The arrangement of this course is fabulous, a reflective journal that assisted us in reconsidering about the skills learnt in the lessons, a social service project that provided us a chance to apply what we have gained and eventually a summative journal that let us to verify the learning outcome. Throughout the semester, all of these assignments constantly bring insight to my daily life and I would like to share some of these moments…show more content…
Before I worked on the reflective journal, I had already been informed that my group’s service target would be elderly. Although I have participated in a variety of social services when I was still a secondary student, most of the time I encountered with teenagers instead of elderly. Therefore, I selected the movie “The Intouchables” for my reflective journal. It is a story in between a wealthy disabled old man, Philippe, and his caretaker Driss. During the whole movie, Driss demonstrates me the correct ways to have a successful communication with the elderly. Before meeting Driss, Philippe’s life is tedious and meaningless. Unlike other caretaker, the inexperienced Driss indeed concerns about the feeling of Philippe. He usally gives suggestions, guidelines and advice to Philippe’s important decisions. Moreover, he tries his best to encourage and motivate Philippe to live a better life. All of these elements are explicitly the purpose of a communication and Driss utilizes both verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve it. Like he sings (verbal) and dances (non-verbal) in Philippe’s birthday party and result in bringing Philippe the most unforgettable birthday’s experience since he has become a quadriplegic. The movie indicates me the most crucial criterion to have when implement a social service, which is showing my sincerity to the service users every
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