As A Friend And Foe Analysis

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The purpose of this reflective journal is to give my opinion and or thoughts on the video titled, “As a Friend and Foe”. To begin, I think it is an atrocity that these injustices have historically happened to workers who only wanted better wages and an overall better working life. The fact that in some of the cases discussed in the video these workers got injured, jailed or even killed for fighting for what they believe in. These attacks where then excused and the general population was being fed propaganda using the fear of “bolshevism” to justify the repression of workers. As defined, “bolshevism” is the communist form of government adopted in Russia following the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. This fear mongering left some people to believe that these workers who are fighting for their rights are not good for society. Another item I want to discuss that I believe ties into my idea of unjust government intervention is the fact that our one…show more content…
And not to my surprise David Rockefeller benefitted a lot from workers not having lots of power, as most mega rich are because a powerful workforce would mean less money in their pockets. Also, not to my surprise Prime Minister Mackenzie King didn’t help workers as much as he should of, I sense some behind the door workings here. When Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King was finished his time as the Prime Minister he was then gifted $100,000 in shares to Rockefeller companies, which I see as a bribe. Once again, as the video discussed Rockefeller benefited a lot from the workings of Prime Minister Mackenzie. Once finishing the video it made me reflect and think why are we only hearing about this now? Why isn’t this history being taught to our children so they can realize the corruption that has historically happened in our government? As discussed in class, I believe it is because they don’t want people to know the full truth and
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