Reflective Leadership Reflection

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During class we discussed about whether its a good or bad thing to end up having a different goal that we have set for ourselves and right away I thought about how I changed some of my goals that I have set for myself. One of the goals I changed was how staying close to my family because I am a very family oriented person but I felt like I had to get out of my comfort zone by choosing to attend Johnson County Community College. I always thought I would make a positive impact in the county that I got raised in. Later on I said to myself that I have to do a greater impact by being a leader outside of my community in order to grow as a person but also a well-rounded leader in regards to living up to different expectations compare to the expectations…show more content…
It was hard for me to adapt to this way of working and how he directed his commands in regards to this tone of voice. I believe that someone should consider a different way of leadership. The way I see it is how each professor I have came across and the way they taught the course was completely different in every course because a professor could have been taught a way that made me understand the concept of the material. It could definitely change the way someone think but I feel like adaption is a key role when it comes to strengthening leadership skills. The discussion we had towards the end of class caught my attention because we were talking about if protesting gives a bad image to a leader and I feel like it all depends on what is happening throughout the protest. I personally don 't like the idea of protesting due to the fact that I am very quiet person but I still make an impact in and out of school as a leader. However, my whole perspective about protesting changed whenever Donald Trump announced the ending of the Dream Act(DACA). I was and still am very passionate about this topic which made me want to protest for a positive impact and acknowledging the fact that it 's going to hurt a lot of families especially children that came to the United States has a young
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