Reflective Letter To Be A Teacher

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On April 10th, 2017, I volunteered to be a teacher aide for my teacher from 11:30 am-2:30pm, which was three hours long. At first, I did want to be aide for another teacher, but due to my lack of time management and inconsistent stress levels, I asked my cooperating teacher if I can be an aide for her classroom. Mrs. Phipps’ students were in lunch, when I first arrived to the classroom. After I walked into the classroom, she told me today we will only work with two students, Student D. and Student J, which the rest of the students were out school sick and a few students are hospitalized. For the first half hour, Mrs. Phipps was quickly discussed today’s agenda: math subtraction, CNN, Civil War books, SEL activity, and art class. When the students came back from lunch, Mrs. Phipps wanted me to teach the two male students how to subtract three digit numbers with borrowing twice, or double zero (e.g. 900-150). I forgot to ask Mrs. Phipps what is the way she taught double borrowing, because the way I learned is not the same way the students in her classroom learn the process. Mrs. Phipps, took over the rest of the lesson, and I assisted Student J. when he wanted me to check his answers. I was provided an answer sheet to make sure my quick math and the correct math solution were both accurate. Student D. got frustrated and put his head down on the table, and Mr. Martinez, teacher aide, tried to help the student by providing positive feedback and motivational statements.
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