The Importance Of Teamwork In My Life

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1.My parents are very kind and gentle person that affected me a lot. By observing their behavior, I know that is important to courteous to people. Even is a stranger, my parents will also help them without hesitation when they need help. Besides of being kind to other, their behavior also change the attitude of my life. Being kind do not ‘cost’ me anything! That’s what I learnt from them.

2.Ten years ago, my uncle was suicide in his home. All my relatives felt grieved and sorrowful in his funeral. This experience is really unforgettable. I think suicide is a selfish behaves. Someone who suicide never thinks about what their family thinks. It’s hardly to bear that truth. This experience taught me ‘think before we do’. We should think about
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I decided to finish it by my own. However, Putonghua is my weakest subject. Even I did a lot of research, I didn 't have any confidence to finish it. Luckily, my group mates didn 't blame on me although the deadline is coming. We finished it together within 1 week with our teamwork. It’s a wonderful experience for me. Teamwork is the most important factor to make a thing better.

5.I think being a recreational secretary of our student union in 2016 is my most significant contribution in my school. I organized more than 20 activities to make a better school life of our schoolmates.

6.Being a prefect is my best moment of my secondary school life. When I was F3, I got my first position in my school---prefect. It’s a new page of my school life. I got a responsibility to keep our school spirit till I leave my school.
7.I love swimming. I really regret that I didn 't apply the Sea Scout of our school. They are really good-looking and their activities are meaningful! I think I can learn many things if I applied this group 4 years ago. Sadly, the sea scout only recruit F1 students. 8.Finishing the marathon event in 2016 is an accomplishment that I proud of myself. In a 42km tracks, people can’t finish it without determination. I can finish it because of my perseverance. It’s not easy to not give up in a long way

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