Reflective Life Experience

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1.My parents are very kind and gentle person that affected me a lot. By observing their behavior, I know that is important to courteous to people. Even is a stranger, my parents will also help them without hesitation when they need help. Besides of being kind to other, their behavior also change the attitude of my life. Being kind do not ‘cost’ me anything! That’s what I learnt from them. 2.Ten years ago, my uncle was suicide in his home. All my relatives felt grieved and sorrowful in his funeral. This experience is really unforgettable. I think suicide is a selfish behaves. Someone who suicide never thinks about what their family thinks. It’s hardly to bear that truth. This experience taught me ‘think before we do’. We should think about what others think before we decide what to do. 3.I have joined a 2-week- hotel management course which organized by CUHK 2 years ago. It was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. The reason of why I think its most enjoyable course is I can learn what we can’t learn in books. Like some communicating skills, how to clean up a huge room within 1 minutes or else. Also, it’s a wonderful experience to work out with stranger. I got a lot of life experience in this course. 4.When I was a form 1 student, I got a group project which needs to make a short film using Putonghua. I decided to finish it by my own. However, Putonghua is my weakest subject. Even I did a lot of research, I didn 't have any confidence to finish it. Luckily, my

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