Reflective Essay About High School Project

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Major Project 1- Reflective Narrative Essay Back in elementary school, I believe in the third grade, I remember doing a poster project on a certain country now I don’t exactly remember which country I got. I do remember having very high expectations because it was the very first REAL project I was given on my own and not a group activity. I was very excited and so my father and I went to the store to get lots of things for this poster to make it the best first project I could turn in. My dad promised to help me with whatever I needed, as I was around 9 years old, at the time my father was my best friend so I was very excited. The expectations I had for this project academically were very high I wanted to do every little thing on the rubric including; having the number of pictures needed, having three facts about the country, keeping it neat and tidy, answering all the…show more content…
I remember I cut out all the paper and pictures, glued it all on and it looked beautiful it was very easy to read and understand. Unfortunately for some reason, I didn’t think it was easy to comprehend as I took different colored markers and drew circles with arrows to what pictures went with what, I remember my father YELLING at me about how horrible I made it look after I did that. I was very disappointed with myself and felt as if I would have just listened and never did that it would have looked beautiful still, I was little, so I took it to heart as I did something wrong and I was going to fail so I was crying and freaking out. I also faced not knowing how to find the information as I thought it was cheating to look anything up and copy it, so at first I tried to look at history books before my father told me I was expected to go online, that was how I was supposed to do the project to show you can do
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