Reflection On Classroom Management

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There was several students ranging from low achieving to high achieving with one students having an IEP, an English Language Learner, and two students on a check in and check out for behavior. Some students had difficulty with controlling their feelings and were working on coping skills.There were 24 students in this class and academically all of the students were capable with performing the given tasks in class. I taught reading, writing, science, math, word study, and map skills for social studies, We had meetings on Thursday mornings, discussing with the 3rd grade team and sometimes with types of behaviors taking place in the school. I had bus duty everyday after school and on Wednesday I watched students while waiting for the late bus.…show more content…
Making time is the key though, eating lunch with students, playing with them at recess (like kickball), having classroom meetings, and making little moments in between transitions. I believe in building up our students, for example, I gave them positive feedback on a final writing piece. Classroom management is important skills to have a teacher, but each class you have will have respond to different techniques better. I believe that my management skills still needs work and I know it will get better with the more experience I have. I used techniques like ringing a bell, clapping, saying if you can hear my voice clap once, listing expectations, and pointing out specific behaviors I was looking…show more content…
Classroom management and consistency is very important with this class. I know I have improved a lot from the beginning, like with being proactive about handling student conflicts. However, I need to work on being able to talk down a student when they are very upset. Overall, my management skills with get better with the more experience I have in a classroom.

Character and personality As a beginning teacher, I believe in building relationships with the students, parents, and community. I think that volunteering and being involved in the community is a very important role as a teacher. It demonstrates that you care about your students life, seeing them and engaging with them outside of the school atmosphere. With students, I feel that I have the ability to relate content to students by being energetic. I think your voice needs to show passion, especially in read alouds. I feel that the way you read or act out a scenario demonstrates how engaging your students can be. Who wants to listen to a montone read aloud? I believe in learning as I go, being reflective over what lessons went well and what lessons could have been better. I know that not every day will be perfect, but when you have imperfect lessons, it’s important to think about how they could be improved
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