Reflective Practice

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Reflective Practice

Nursing is part of healthcare system and this is a continuous changing environment becoming more demanding, the technology require knowledge and continuously adherence to all Health system requirements as nursing is a lifelong learning process. However , reflective practice is a driveway not only for personal development but also for team work with the purpose to improve care and to blend theory with practice( Jasper 2013).
As part of Revalidation, the NMC(2015) require that all nurses must provide evidence that are using reflective practice as part of the process of maintaining their registration in order to remain fit for practice, to promote professionalism and to demonstrate a good understanding and an ongoing development.
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However it is important that each individual to adhere at organisation goals to avoid conflict between personal goals and beliefs and organisational goals and for a harmonious bind between both. As a result poor practice does not take place and personal development it is improving.
While working in healthcare environment the ability to adapt and to enhance new skills along with improving existing ones, it is also part of personal development. Constant self evaluation, self awareness, actively seek for feedback from patients, co-workers or supervisors, open mind looking for professional achievements and the willing to use reflective practice as a way to enhance knowledge, to gain more experience to extend existing limitations , al these are reflecting the passion for delivering a higher lever a care.
Some people learn from own mistakes while others dos not want to engage do e to their fear of doing something wrong or to hurt a patient. In this case prior engaging research will be beneficial for gain more knowledge while building own confidence . In this case own personality , personal straights and weaknesses are contributing to some extent of engaging in reflective
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If following guidance sett throughout the learning process, reflective practice will become a common tool as part of this career in order to promote professionalism.
The weaknesses can be transformed into strengths while performing tasks whether if they are new or not is due to reflective practice; thinking back over experience Is allowing individuals to learn from own mistakes or unwise decision as clinical judgement come through practice.
By Improving reflection, a nurse is improving her practice, she is gaining more knowledge from every situation in order to be able to apply in the future in the best interest of the patients and to support a safe environment in healthcare system.
Reflection is a conscious ongoing mental process that underpin personal development close related with self-awareness, communications skills, emotional control, confidence and the most important the Patient Care
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