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A truly reflective practice involves trust and relative autonomy, which is a school is infused in the cultures of accountability and audits, taking measurements and managerialism. Yet, in today’s rapidly moving society, the reflective practitioner cannot and should not be considered as being freed from the restraints of the reality in which he or she practises (Harrison, 2012). It is seen by many practitioners in the area of education as being at the very middle of the development of professional competence (Envy and Walters, 2013). Therefore, this evaluation essay is assessing the key concepts of Reflective Practitioner. The definition of reflective practice will be discussed deeply in early years’ practitioner. Furthermore, reflection is…show more content…
Most of professional recognise that reflective practice is engaging, thoughtful and structured activity to improve their actions in an event or situation, but how should they choose which type of event and situation to reflect on? (Walters, 2013). As a practitioner, there are plenty of reasons when engaging in reflective activity. The most fundamental in reflective practice is the need of improving and developing the teaching and learning (Rushton and Suter, 2012). It is only when practitioners learn best, and identifies how they have learned what they know, that they start to think consciously about how they learn throughout life (Jasper,…show more content…
Carr (1995; Rushton and Suter, 2012) mentioned that education and training are part of the world, and grasp the complexities and deal with the challenges, teachers should be encouraged to critically reflect on their learning and practice. Every definition of the reflective practice contained their own meaning but, they have the same purpose which is to have the understanding of the past, present and future. It is very important to be implementing for the practitioner to know better about the children. The practitioner also might have met different frameworks for reflection that they can choose to use in their own reflective activities (Jasper, 2013). This shows that with reflective practice, they will be functioning as reflective practitioners in the entire context which they

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