Reflective Practitioner Reflection

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A reflective practitioner is hence always aware of his / her emotional state and also deliberates upon it from time to time to get better results. Let us take an example here.
A teacher having taught the children independence day with traditional chalk-board or lecture method may reflect upon later and feel it would have been better if s/he used some other innovative method to teach such a topic of emotional connect for Indians and this dissatisfaction leads her /him to re-teach the lesson through arranging for a movie on freedom straggle for the kids (to make learning joyful and more fun). Here the teacher has clearly reflected upon the choice of methods based on her own felt and observed emotions and feelings. Thus being reflective practitioners in teaching and learning we always
Thus it is essential that a learning environment offers enough scope for Foster – awe and confusion, interest, surprise etc . The knowledge emotions are like light bulb moments (Schon) that motivate the learner for continual improvement kindled through this curiosity and leads him/her to reflect upon his learning. Johns (1999) calls this as “creative tension” that ultimately leads to equilibrium or learning. The responsibility again lies on the shoulders of teachers as it depends on how they articulate the curriculum to students in the classrooms. Teachers who often engage in making their topics more interesting and mind boggling with deep curiosity arising elements, are more capable of making
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