Dugu Summary

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Reflection on Mr. Jerry Enriquez discussion on Dugu On 3rd October 2016 about 12:30pm Mr. Enriquez was invited to our Caribbean Literature 2 class to impart information regarding the Garifuna culture especially; the spiritual aspect which is the Dugu. In his introduction, Mr. Enriquez stated that its important to self- reflect. He gave us five minutes to meditate and filter our minds. He said it’s important and recommended that we research mindfulness on the internet (google). He said the meditation helps to relax the mind and makes us happier individuals. He recommends that ten minutes mediation every morning and night alienates us from the busyness of the day. Mr. Enriquez gave a brief background on the Garifuna spirituality and cultural traditions relating to his African ancestry. He stated that the Europeans enforced Christianity (Catholic religion) on the Garifuna people hence, the reason most Garifuna and Mestizo people are catholic and creoles are Anglican. Mr. Enriquez said that when he was 14years old he observed an event that triggered and questioned…show more content…
Enriquez also made mentioned of the Roman Catholic Church being the dominant religion. He made reference to the Black Codes Law that was passed for all slaves to be baptized in order for them to be accepted by the white community. This symbolizes the colonization of the Europeans on the masses. He stated that the Dugu ceremonies invited spirits that affect the human body and life on a whole. He mentioned that normally the families will reunite for an entire week to resolve conflicts and receive healing. Interestingly, he stated that once you’re invited to a Dugu service it is compulsory you attend if not there are serious ramifications. He gave an example of a lady that attended for two days and got exhausted upon making her way out her knees was locked and she had to attend the Dugu service. After the service was over she received her healing. Some people are scared to partake in the Dugu
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