Reflective Reflection About Globalization

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The purpose of this reflection report is to show how the knowledge I attained from the Globalization and Business General Education (GE) course was both implemented and heeded my personal development, as well as my thoughts and views towards the course. I am currently studying an Associate of Arts, specifically in the Languages and Communications division. The possibility of learning and studying Business in college never occurred to me, that learning how to communicate in a workplace environment at one of my mandatory English classes was as far as I was going to get to touching this discipline of study. It was unexpected when I first sat in the lecture hall that Tuesday afternoon, in the midst of those first few weeks of the second semester, listening to an introduction of Globalization. I was only vaguely aware of what I was getting myself into taking this course, an advanced combination of Liberal Studies and Business. I feared that I was not going to fare well in it as I had always associated Business with numbers, and my abilities in that field are not really worth mentioning. At the beginning, I also could not see how this course could heed my learning in or correspond with my other courses; I regarded it as a single entity and foresaw the late nights reading and trying to comprehend all the concepts and…show more content…
In the beginning, I recall being called up to the board by the tutor to write either an advantage or disadvantage of Globalization without having any time to leaf through my notes. The tutorials provided students the opportunity to ponder and discuss more over the content they attained through the lectures. A notable example was when I did the team presentation on Cultural Globalization; after much discussion it was decided that I would be mainly in charge of analyzing Hong Kong’s culture with reference to the Hofstede

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