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I think the ethical tone of the Bar has dropped away
Those are the false distinction between professional and personal ethics approaches to exercise and permit ethical issues to be treated in the broader and deeper contexts of personal character development, approaches to rely on techniques (Areas to Develop) collecting, reading, telling/listening lesson ethical learning is deep, internal learning learning by heart as well as the mind.
The ethical decisions for lawyers and judges make involve much more
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It was always whatever we had was what we had and it was good, even if it was just cassava and potatoes for survival. But I was never told that we couldn 't afford anything but cassava and potatoes and that 's what you had to eat. I was always told how good the cassava and potatoes were, and they were good. So we learned to make do with whatever we had, to enjoy each other, to learn to love each other, to support each other and help each other. I just learned the values there that I have carried through life. I give all the credit to my parents. They did what they could with what…show more content…
Think one value is to understand the human worth of every individual. No matter what a person 's circumstances, they are entitled to the equal protection of the law. They are entitled to participate in the development of this society. I think that as long as there is a single person who is denied that opportunity, then there is a reason for us to be blamed. I think honesty is important, and I think self-confidence is important. And I think a sense of sacrifice is important. If there is one thing that bothers society about today 's world, it is that we have become a lot more materialistic than we once were. And I think that materialism gets us away from the true, core values that make us strong as a person, that make us strong as a country, that make us strong as lawyers committed to bringing about change. So I think a sense of doing what one really believes to be right, a sense of doing something to advance someone other than yourself, and a sense of being able to do without, and not be so concerned about that big house, or that big car, fine clothes, and things like that. But just to be concerned about helping other people, concerned about eradicating criminals, inequality and

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