Reflective Reflection As A Teacher

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As a teacher, I always strive to help each learner achieve meaningful and long-lasting learning whatever his/her abilities are. To do this, I know that my planning and teaching strategies need to be learner-centred in which each learner is actively involved in his/her own learning process. This course has helped me gain insight into various effective strategies to achieve this. I have come to understand and experience the effectiveness of such strategies by integrating them myself into my teaching. I have learned about the first important stage of the learning process in which teachers need to understand each learner's prior knowledge. By implementing this, I have noticed that it helped me get to know each student’s needs and abilities at the very start of the lesson rather than at a later stage. As stated in the Assessment for Learning document, issued by the…show more content…
Moreover, in this module, I have learned about the importance of sharing the learning intentions as well as the success criteria with all the learners. Actually, when I discussed the learning intentions and success criteria with my students, I noticed that they all worked better and focused more on what they were learning. All of this also helped me as a teacher to achieve a positive learning experience for all learners. I am very pleased to be receiving the necessary training and support to implement various useful teaching strategies within my lessons that I did not know about before starting this course. One of the first strategies that I have been implementing is the one in which I start a lesson with a short activity to see what the children already know about the topic of the lesson. Following this, I have also learned how to share and discuss the learning intentions and success criteria with all the learners. I have found these strategies as very useful and fruitful
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