Reflective Reflection Essay

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The experience I will reflect upon will be my time during the residential weekend. I will use the Gibbs reflective model to show my personal and professional development. This consists of the; description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan. (Mind tools, 2018) I will then discuss my own development alongside the BACP moral qualities and devise a SMART action plan to help support my role as a trainee counsellor. Description- is the start of the cycle and as mentioned previously it will be focused on the residential weekend which occurred just under two months into the counselling course. The whole course were required to be there due to it being part of the course criteria and it could be a valuable experience. The two tutors were there however, there were an additional two people who I had never met before. It was over several days and the weekend focused on self-awareness of ourselves. Upon arrival there was still no indication of what to expect which worried me. Over the weekend there was a lot of talking about feelings, activities using art and crafts and also getting to know the group more as a whole. The result of the weekend was mixed, some sessions were enjoyable others emotions were shown that I was uncomfortable with. Feelings- the residential weekend was something I was aware of and tried to prepare mentally for it. Looking back the fear of the unknown was at the forefront of my thoughts. I was constantly overthinking what was going to

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