Reflective Reflection In Nursing

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Nursing is a profession. Besides caring patients, it also requires management and leadership skills to raise its professional standard. We have been introduced the idea of nursing leadership and management in this course. We were also assessed by doing group interview and presentation on the themes related to nursing leadership and management. The purpose of this reflective journal is to reflect the lessons we learnt during our preparation of the presentation. In this journal, our selected theme related to nursing leadership and management will be introduced first. Next, the lessons learnt in cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspect of the theme will be discussed. Finally a conclusion will be drawn to summarise the key issues.

Key theme selected
We have selected the theme ‘Resource management’ to be our key theme. Resource management is essential for a nurse leader as resources determine the job performance of his nursing staff. It directly influenced nurses’ health and wellbeing then performance and patient care quality (Joel, 2013). Resource management is defined as the commodities in limited quantities that allow the work of the organization to be performed (Grohar-Murray & DiCroce, 1992). There are four types of resources available in clinical area: human resources, financial resources, material or equipment resources and information technology resources, for example, training to nurses, nursing shortage and workload, and budget for acquisition of new
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