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2. Throughout the hour I am there I noticed that the students we very well behaved. They had a routine instruction that they followed for the beginning of the class. (Bell Ringer) She was able to keep their attention and have them focus on the task at hand. They also had questions they had to answer and turn in at the end of the week. Mrs. Webb allowed them time at the end of class to work on it. She asked a lot of questions through out the lessons. 3. Motivation Strategies and Student Engagement is important when it come to teaching because it is essential to keep the students attention and make them want to learn about the subject. I feel certain motivation strategies may help student be more comfortable talking about the lesson and that…show more content…
I was able to make connections from my observations to my reflection topic by watching how she interacted with the students and how they responded back. I also took those observations and tried to see if the student engagement and motivation strategies helped the students become more involved or interested in the topic they were covering. I feel like I’ve learned that the more interested the student is in a topic your covering the better the in-class response will be. Like their attention span, the way they interact, and ask questions. I also noticed that allowing a student to give feedback about personal experiences or examples over the topic and being open to answer any questions they have makes them feel more comfortable communicating during the lesson and willing to learn. Because when I was in school and I was curious about something and my teacher would respond with, “you should know that” or “it’s in your book” it made me not want to participate. The reason I didn’t want to participate is because I didn’t want to embarrass myself and I felt like the questions or answers that I would give would be wrong. I feel like this will help me as a teacher because being able to communicate with your students about the material your teaching is important. Without student engagement and good communication skills how are you supposed to know if a student is confused or needs help. And being able to motivate students over a topic benefits them in the long run. I feel like having

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