Leadership Reflective Study

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Reflective study of leadership Leadership can be defined as the ability and understanding of an individual to motivate, influence and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of an organization or group of which they are members. It involves the creation of balance between management, coordination and supervision, even taking people’s responsibility on your shoulder is also recommended sometimes. It also involves directing, organizing and motivating them. Many speculations and theories have been given about leadership by many scholars. But in real world understanding and usage of the same is different in different pretexts. This one realizes when one enters from the literary world to professional world, when the concepts…show more content…
I personally believe and follow that one should show atmost care to his or her team members. Make them know that you count on them and you want the best for them. A good leader does never acts like a boss. I work relentlessly on self-development. I know that the most portable skills are not the technology or the product we make; it is our seniors, peers and people’s self, their brains and their emotions. I have high self awareness of all the things happening around me. I strive for balance, which needs to be created as it could not be found. The bridge that connects me to my team mates is empathy. It is like having detached attachment to your point. One has to feel the other person’s view point by leaving your point for a moment, seeing your view and other view simultaneously. Reading signals of emotions. Even I try to create synergy with collaboration. If I have seen further, it is by standing on should of giants. Even if the system makes I compete and choose not to participate and collaborate. I even propagate that I am a very keen follower of my ideals. I do not believe in creating followers, I create leaders itself. I suggest follow a leader if you are a leader. I lay emphasis on designing the thinking process in an efficient manner and not on engineering thinking. Think long term is vision, think short is a goal. Build visions on belief and goals…show more content…
After all, he is taking on bigger and more varied projects and is responsible for more and more people. Inspiring and motivating others is an important feature. Because when people look up to you and believe in you then they only are more likely to follow you. Displaying high integrity and honesty towards your team and the organization is very essential. If you work hard and apply yourself then the truth is all you need. Solving problems and analyzing issues in respect to your seniors, peers and organization which helps the organization grow forms an integral part of one’s leadership
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