Reflective Reflection Of Leadership

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This paper is a reflection of my personal leadership development blueprint this quarter. The paper identifies three main attributes that have made me to become a change leader this quarter. The paper concludes by pinpointing some core values that have successfully made this change possible.
A change leader can be defined as encouraging people to take risks - to evaluate their core beliefs and worldview - and engage effectively with others (Flanagan, 2014). Apparently, his objective is to guide people towards change so that they can adapt and appreciate it. To achieve this, he needs to be encouraged to relinquish 'the old'. When he does, change happens. Rosabeth Moss Kanter states that "a change leader shares three attributes: the imagination
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The values are the guiding principles in our lives while leadership occurs within the context of core values. The values informed by the application of leadership qualities as the competencies of leadership are activated - learned, developed, and practiced - within the set of core values. As I come to the end of the quarter, my core values are: respecting others regardless of differences; treating others with dignity, empathy and compassion; and the ability to earn the respect of others; making a difference as demonstrated by personal efforts that lead to making a positive impact on individuals, systems, and/or organizations or positively affecting outcomes; integrity as demonstrated by moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness; keeping promises and fulfilling expectations; authenticity as demonstrated by consistency, congruency, and transparency in values, beliefs, and actions; integrating values and principles to create a purposeful life and to contribute to the growth of others; courage as demonstrated by possessing a strength of self to act with intention on behalf of the common good; taking a stand in the face of adversity; acting boldly in the service of inclusion and justice; service as demonstrated by commitment that extends beyond one's own self-interest; personal humility for the sake of a greater cause; humility as demonstrated by a sense of humbleness, dignity and an awareness of one's own limitations; open to perspectives different from one's own; and wisdom as demonstrated by a broad understanding of human dynamics and an ability to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders when making decisions; can take a long-term perspective in
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