Reflective Reflection On Education

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Over the previous century, education has turned into the most basic to the advancement of an educated society, enlarging openings and impacting individuals ' points of view on any society of Maldives. The opportunity of education in any society or any country is extensive and highly valued. To seek education people are making significant and personal investments across the world. However, we do not have a common understanding of the actual goal of education. Different scholars have a different perspective on education based on their experiences and it is a wide idea which can be characterized in different ways as education is one of the most important and influential basic need of every human being. A Greek philosopher Mr. Aristotle has quoted, “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.” (Brainy Quote, 2001) I have always been and continued to be fascinated in the field of education and teaching. Studying different ways to improve student engagement and student achievement in class is always profitable. I 'm constantly thinking about ways to become a more effective teacher through my lesson plans change and adapt and reflection on my teaching. The dynamics of classroom strategies vs. student engagement, the challenge of fruitful students, and the desire to create a healthy learning environment keeps me always interested in the field of teaching. Each teacher comes to the classroom with a unique set of ideas and principles which effect the

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