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Reflection I am going to talk about what i gained during this exhibition and i will tell you what i am going to do to make myself a better person when it comes to my exhibition style. My strengths during the exhibition was showing evidence, keeping it interesting and not looking at the “script” to much. I 'll start with the showing evidence part as you said in your evaluation of my mini exhibition you said on multiple occasions that “you showed instead of telling good job” and multiple of my peers stated you provided a lot of evidence, but i still did not do my best on this one and i could have shown a lot more of what i learned and i would think that with more evidence it would have made a much better exhibition. Next i 'll be talking about my next strength which was keeping it interesting i asked the audience questions i got some of them to give me random numbers and when it got boring there was always something for them to read and to think about and when they looked kind of bored of reading i pulled out the math thing which caught their attention again. Next i 'll be talking about was not looking at the script to much as imt was kind of easy when your script is 7 words, and why is it only 7 words you ask because my teacher last year mr: Macfarlene told me that you should never read of off anything because you should already know what you 're going to say because you are presenting what you learned and not what you copied and pasted off of google so that 's why i went

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