My Concept Of Religion Essay

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Religion was never a topic that was discussed in my household. Growing up, I barely went to Church, so I don’t have any knowledge about religion. I just assumed that there was a God and that Jesus was our savior and that we should read the Bible. It wasn’t until I attended a Catholic high school that I realized it wasn’t that simple. During my first three years of high school, I learned the basics on Catholicism such as the Gospels and some important saints. It wasn’t until senior year that I started questioning the concept of religion. The topic of my theology course was about the human body and society. My theology teacher, Ms. Stroik, allowed us to have class discussions about whatever chapter we learned about that day. Now before I get into the reason of me questioning religion, I should give some background on who Ms. Stroik is. Ms. Stroik is a traditional textbook Christian. She goes to Church religiously, traditionally got married in the Church and birthed a child soon after. At…show more content…
They all believe in a higher power and that we should treat people good. I became confused as to why a simple concept has so many rules. In a way, my idea of religion became more of a job with major consequences. For instance, if you sin and don’t repent then, you go to Hell. But there are many loopholes in this concept. You can be a good person that treat people with respect, but if you sin and don’t repent then you go to Hell. But you can be a bad person that regularly follows all the rules of their religion, but have no compassion toward people. I am not the most religious person. I don’t go to Church nor pray, but I treat people with love. Ms. Stroik follows all the rules of religion and probably knows the Bible front to back, but is very selfish and has hate in her heart. Does she go to Heaven and I go to Hell because I don’t follow the rules? This is a question that still lingers in my
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