Reflective Reflection On Time Management

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I have suffered a lot because I had a serious issue with time management. This resulted in procrastination and accumulating tasks until the last minute. Therefore, I had very low grades, and since I could not keep up with my social life and the college’s requirements, I constantly stayed awake to finish my assignments that should have been done before. I will be explaining the importance of time management and how it can be improved according to Kolb’s Theory. Therefore, this reflective journal was written in hope of identifying my past errors and finding effective solutions to solve my problems. I feel that time management is an essential skill to acquire to become more effective in achieving my goals.

Time management has been a serious issue for me in my experience during my university study period. I was terrible in prioritising tasks since I had no regular routine. This is because I stayed up all night long to study for my upcoming exams and submit my coursework on time. Yet, I still wouldn’t finish the task required because I used to rush my coursework. Therefore, this highly influenced my grades since my body was deprived of sleep so I couldn’t concentrate nor learn efficiently. Moreover, due to the reasons mentioned above I have never been able to attend any of my lectures on time. I always missed my morning lectures which is another reason for the fall of my grades. Consequently, I was forced to remain active during the night to compensate the material I missed.

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