Reflective Reflection

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The commencement of this course was a little daunting, but in order to learn we must face our fears. On several occasions throughout the first session, I questioned why I was putting myself through this at this stage in my life. My intense desire to learn and better myself soon outweighed my fears and I settled into the class.

The purpose of this assignment is to encapsulate my learning from this course and how I may apply the information to my future practice. Reflecting on the course I will explore just some of the topics, tools, techniques and methods that had the most impact on my learning in relation to collaboration and the potentially impact the learning has had on my personal and professional awareness and my effectiveness as a leader.

One of the first thing I observed about the subject of collaboration is that it is vast—there are as numerous collaboration styles, methods, rationales, theories, benefits and drawbacks as there are theorists and academics.
There were several aspects of the learning that stuck out for me, on reflection one of the main one was Kantor’s Behavorial Profile, as it became more evident of its relevance throughout each module. Kantor’s Behavioral Profile helps define our strengths and weaknesses, and assists in our understanding of where we fit into a group. This also helps when joining a new group as it helps identify the different profiles within a group, this can assist in ensuring that the group can collaborate effectively. In

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