Reflective Reflection

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In this reflective essay I will reflect upon the course based on the assignments and projects I have accomplished this semester. Recent research (Kornblith, 2012:3) identifies that reflection is an active process and making sense of the experience through the understanding of one’s actions. As suggested by (Roberts, 2011:63) she states that the understanding of reflection have been used to develop an action stage, which can further help to improve my skills and knowledge towards my course. This is vital as it ensures that i get the most out of my learning experience and i could use them to their maximum benefit.
In order to structure my reflection essay in a practical approach I have decided to use Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) model of reflection. This model has been selected as it helps to present the reflection in an easy and understandable manner, so the issues can be evaluated through different angles (Jasper, 2003:78). John 's (1995) model provides a good example of an approach to reflection on action Reflection on action, which takes place after the event, allows the practitioner to revisit an experience with the intention of exploring and learning from an activity.

To excel in my finance course I would have to undergo exams, group projects and independent assignments. Throughout the semester I had the opportunity to attend different seminars & Lectures, which enriched my knowledge in the given field of study. These consisted of brief
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