Reflective Role In Reflective Essay

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In my placement I am in a locality centre which works with individuals with a variety of different needs. They work alongside the families of the individuals to ensure that they can meet all the needs if it is able to happen. On a daily basis clients are picked up from their home or meet the worker and they go on to do activities which will benefit them, which they have been choosing for themselves. Most of the clients suffer from autism in some way or have mobility issues, all of the clients require different amount of support. The centre try and create groups from individuals which they fell will work well together and are interested in the same activities and allow them to meet first and ensure that they do get on before taking them into different places. My role is to assist other members of staff while out with clients. I assist clients to their clubs and groups on a daily basis in the placement. One of the main individuals which I work with has childhood autism. The lady struggles with basic day to day activities such as communicating and being able to express the appropriate expressions and may interoperate things in the wrong manor. While I am working with this lady I have to be more clear on what I am saying to ensure that she fully understands what I am saying or asking her. Things must be said slower to ensure that she doesn’t get stressed out or agitated. While working with this person I have had many struggles but have had conversations and made her feel

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