Reflective Role In Teacher Education

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The excellence in teacher preparation shows the excellence in the standard of education imparted. Excellence in education depends on the quality and efficiency of the teacher. According to Grinder (1989), teachers show rapid progress in their professional conduct during the initial three years or so after the career when they are still getting acquainted with different contours of the jobs, but once they are comfortably settled down to the job, a period of plateau may follow, and could result in further deterioration in teaching.
It is difficult to ignore the fact that the quality of our teacher preparation both at pre and in-service level is deteriorating day by day and there is a need of drastic change for improvement in teacher education. And in India, the teacher is considered as the least developed resource. Hardly, there is the attention and consideration to the selection of the right kind of people for teaching profession and providing them the best possible training and ensuring their status and keeping with the importance and responsibility of their work. The existing state of affairs thus invites a call for reflective teaching, which is yet to get justice in teacher education. Critically reflective teachers are always thinking about how they influence the learning and teaching environment and make it effective, and importantly upon the likely effects of their teaching and presence upon the quality of their students ' learning.

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