The Importance Of Showing Up In The Classroom

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feel that a lot of the outcomes listed in area five are very interchangeable I feel that I have met the first two outcomes very naturally with the students just by showing up in the classroom. these students are each very unique and dynamic in there own way with different strengths and presenting challenges. I help any student that walks into the classroom no matter what. they are here to learn and get help so i help them. i am able to identify tpersonal, interpersonal and societal historical and current barriers that oppress or discriminate the clientele served. Each student that is placed in resource has some sort of IEP or learning issue so by observing them i am able to see where challenges are and how I can help. Such as students with…show more content…
By working with this student i have been able to identify and adjust how i work with him. i learned that formal learning such as reading and writing does not work with him so we adjusted and now where doing more hands on activities such as using the iPad and doing puzzles. I feel that I was able to meet the outcomes in six very naturally. These outcomes are pretty straightforward and self explanatory. I am able to demonstrate professional work habits such as consistent attendance, punctuality; personal appearance reflects norms/expectations of organization, appropriate use of technology. I show up everyday and if I’m going to be late or absent i always email my supervisor in advance. My person appearance is always very clean and tidy. I shower regularly and my hair is clean. As for approbate use of technology I’m not on my phone and when I am using a computer I’m using it for field work purpose such as my journals attendance logs and seminar assignments. I feel i have demonstrated an ability to initiate and sustain effective and respectful collegial working relationships that adhere to Sault College Code of Conduct, SSW Professional Standards and Field placement expectations. I believe that…show more content…
competency area 7 is more about documentation and research. I have started researching but as for documentation there is not much of a chance unless i attend a meeting. ¬the outcome of demonstrating professional research, information literacy and data collection skills pertinent to SSW practice and the fieldwork setting, I relate this to my work with developing a social story. The out come of demonstrating ability to accurately and professionally document in a timely manner in accordance with SSW record keeping standards and fieldwork setting. This really doesnt apply very much to me unless I’m sitting in a meeting where I will take note the only other place I can relate this two is working with my one student and his EA and helping keep track of the areas that they document on his log. I demonstratred computer literacy skills as required by the fieldwork setting by teacher the kids how to format things on the computer and helping them with their research projects. The last outcome ofncompliance with the use of social media tools in accordance with SSW Program Standards, SSW professional Standards and fieldwork organizational policies. Is not a problem all my social media is private and clean there is nothing on those that I would not allow my parents to

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