Reflective Role In The Classroom

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feel that a lot of the outcomes listed in area five are very interchangeable I feel that I have met the first two outcomes very naturally with the students just by showing up in the classroom. these students are each very unique and dynamic in there own way with different strengths and presenting challenges. I help any student that walks into the classroom no matter what. they are here to learn and get help so i help them. i am able to identify tpersonal, interpersonal and societal historical and current barriers that oppress or discriminate the clientele served. Each student that is placed in resource has some sort of IEP or learning issue so by observing them i am able to see where challenges are and how I can help. Such as students with there math and tech assignments. I also have demonstrated this with taking with a student who hates cooking and has come up with a way to still get his mark but avoids having to cook. I demonstrates self-awareness of values biases that may impact professional relationships just by observing the students. At the beginning of the year i wrote in my journal that some of these students take this class for granted and i still feel that way but I’m less frustrated by it now after some debriefing with my peers. I have idenfityed areas for advocacy for a student by working with the student. As identified in journals about the student earning K credits and being placed in an academic level science class. By working with this student i have been

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