Personal Reflection On Workplace Diversity

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During the course of this class, I took various detailed self-assessments that measured my preferred workplace attitudes. Each assessment identified different parts of my own attitudes and behaviors within the workplace. I can honestly say, I learned a lot about myself and my preferred leadership style. This paper will better explain who I am and focus on the key assessments that I’ve taken within this course. The first assessment that we took was about my attitude toward workplace diversity. After completing this assessment, I learned that I am a diversity realist. My attitude of workplace diversity is straight forward. I accept the situation as it is and attempt to deal with issues as the transpire. Within the workplace, I understand that behavior is dictated by team building, collaboration, unity, support, and ethics; however, I am also aware of the negative such as rivalries, and unfair treatment. With this in mind, the next assessment was about the big five inventories.…show more content…
This assessment truly opened my eyes. Before taking this assessment, I’ve always considered myself as an open person whom was emotionally stable. The reason why I’ve always considered myself as an open person was because I felt that I had a strong curiosity in accepting new ideas and task. After taking this assessment, I learned that I’m a conscious person. I completely agree with this outcome because at work, I am self-disciplined, organized, and dependable. All my co-workers, and supervisor, can trust me with various tasks. My strong work ethics has labeled me as a go to person within my career. My next highest score within this assessment was openness. Notably, the next assessment was like the big five inventories, which focused on what motivated

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