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These assignment aims is to self-reflect on my experience as a member of the TEPO organisation as well as identifies the reasons for my failure in the module and develop strategies for future improvement. During the learning process the module offered me the chance to gain knowledge and training needed to improve my transferable skills and understanding of the importance of individual’s role in an organisation and how a single individual can effect or even promote change in the workplace. In this reflection I will use Multiculturalism in Organisations to access some of the aspects that influenced my learning process in this module.

As humans we are different as we belong to different backgrounds, for that reason we cannot judge a person based
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In future situations my copying strategies will be try to see the situation not only from my perspective because now I realize that I looked at members of staff behaviour without understanding whether or not it was normal for them once they were in their comfort zone. At the time I did not realize that they were just being themselves because that is their culture and as hard as it is to admit I was being defensive and it definitely made me built a barrier to resist adapting to the new environment, which was TEPO organisation. In addition to the named strategy I could also talk to someone, specially the head of the depart or a personal tutor about my situation and say what I am not understanding about the module teaching process, study units or any other enquiry. I could also ask a student adviser for help or any other source that the university provides for student in my…show more content…
In retrospective to the beginning of the module I created the unrealistic expectation that as we were given departments there would be more action and debate between members of staff and CEO. As human being I felt very positive and anxious because I have always being interest in other people’s ideas about organisation dynamics, from its structure to leaderships concepts and management approaches. I though it would be more collective and interactive as it would be my favourite module and I would easily obtain a good grade. However, I felt a lot of difficulties and had to push myself too hard to try to finish the reports and meet all the criteria’s . This because as much as I had good understanding about a certain theory and knew how to evaluate it put the theory into practical terms was something that seemed impossible. I also recall thinking that there were not enough practical examples in the workshops or enough time to go cover all aspects of the study units specially in the workshops. Culture shock can also be a collective phenomenon caused by influences on the existing social and culture systems as it takes longer than individual culture shock that happens by geographic change (Feichtinger and Fink

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