Reflective Self Reflection

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Understanding who I am as an employee has been a challenging process. Through self-reflection, I have identified four key areas that I believe define me and inform where I want to go with my life.
I have a positive attitude and I am proactive
I have noticed that I always strive to have a good work environment. I know that I excel in an environment where other employees and my colleagues feel at ease and are able to work better together. When I am placed in a situation where the workplace does not exude an atmosphere of positivity, I work toward building that atmosphere. In AIESEC, I organised team buildings to that effect; at Henkel, I organized multiple events to bring people, mainly interns together. This, I believe, leads to more productive employees. In addition, when I am confronted with a negative situation, after a long reflection, I am able to acknowledge my role in it and move forward in a positive way.
I am team oriented
Collaboration, in my opinion, is the backbone of any campaign, project or company.
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This means that my life is structured. I value structure in different forms: whether it’s planning dates in advance or ensuring that my files and folders are labelled logically. I believe that structure saves time in the long run. Furthermore, I love project management, partially because of the structure involved, especially in setting and adhering to deadlines. Beyond organization, self-management for me also involves time management. I am punctual and reliable.
While these four traits define me the most, I have also recognised myself as a truly internationally minded individual who can blend in different cultural work environments. This is evidenced by my multitude of experiences away from my home country. I am also detail oriented. Attention to detail is crucial to avoid making silly mistakes. I am also hardworking, humble and committed to what I sign up to
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